Things we could work on together


Collaborating to solve local and community challenges motivates us. We have a suite of tools that we can use to help your idea or organisation. 

Our systems have been designed to enable us to work with others to join up our capability, and technology to partner efficiently for service delivery. We leverage our expert clinicians, Māori and Pacific experts, project managers, technical experts, digital and media team, co-designers and our other partners to share the problems and look at new ways of solving them. Together we can find a solution.

Helping communities to solve problems in ways that are scalable and shared nationwide is what we're passionate about. We are focused on developing services and new initiatives that reach and enhance the mana and well-being of our priority populations. We are continuously improving our approach to better demonstrate the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and integrating Kaupapa Māori to provide equitable services.


Why partner with us?

Our technology and systems are set up and ready to provide your services.

  • With the help of Spark’s cloud, contact centre, network and connectivity technology, people can contact our helplines 24/7, 365 days a year by telephone, text, website, web chat, email or Facebook.
  • Our systems are integrated into the wider health system (NHI look-up, consult summary to general practice, shared records, etc).
  • Anyone who calls gets to talk to a real person, only has to tell their story once, and gets the right care, at the right time, by the right person, in the right place.

Our expert clinicians and advisors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. The services are provided by seven highly skilled frontline teams:

  •  General nursing team
  •  Mental health and addictions specialists
  •  Emergency nursing team (ambulance secondary triage)
  •  Service and Support Advisors
  •  Poisons Information Officers
  •  Mental health nurses
  •  Sexual harm advisors

Examples of partnerships solving problems in the health and social sectors: 

Ministry of Social Development:

  • Employer Advice Line (0800 805 405) established in conjunction with Ministry of Social Development to support employers to manage and support their staff with disability, health and mental health challenges.
  • Expert Advice Line (0800 881 767)- a helpline for community and social service professionals needing expert advice for their work with clients with mental health support needs or addiction challenges.

Department of Corrections: 

  • RecoveRing (0800 678 789) – a dedicated helpline for offenders and prisoners (and their whānau who are helping them) who want support with their alcohol or drug use


  • Early Mental Health Response (EMHR) for Police and ambulance - to provide faster and more appropriate help to people in social and psychological distress who call 111.


Want to know more about how Homecare Medical and the National Telehealth Service can bring your service digital? Get the ball rolling and reach out to the experts below.